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About Company

The Lingvo software dictionary is produced by ABBYY’s professionals, it's the first product developed by the company. Today ABBYY Lingvo is the most widely spread dictionary software in Russia with estimated number of users exceeding 7 million people*.

ABBYY develops linguistic and artificial intelligence (AI) software providing a full line of document recognition, document conversion and data capture technologies and products. About 20 million* people all over the world use ABBYY products to solve their business and personal needs. ABBYY’s mission is to improve the quality of life by developing artificial intelligence technologies for efficiently capturing, translating, and transforming information into accessible and useful knowledge.

The company was founded in 1989 in Moscow, Russia. Now, ABBYY is an international organization with over 600 employees in 8 offices over the world, including offices in Russia, the USA, Ukraine, the UK, Germany, Japan and Taiwan. The company has an international distributor network selling its products in over 80 countries. For more information about company, visit

Apart from ABBYY Lingvo dictionary software, the key ABBYY's software products include: ABBYY FineReader OCR application for converting document images and PDFs into editable and searchable files; ABBYY FlexiCapture – a dynamic data capture solution to automatically process multiple document types in a single stream; ABBYY PDF Transformer - an easy-to-use yet powerful utility that combines PDF conversion and PDF creation functionalities; ABBYY Recognition Server – a server-based solution for automating document recognition and PDF conversion processes in enterprise and service-oriented environments.

* According to internal research.

Contact Information

International Headquarters
Otradnaya str. 2b/6
127273, Moscow, Russia
Phone:  +7 495 783 3700
Fax:  +7 495 783 2663

North American Headquarters
880 North McCarthy Ranch Blvd., Suite #220
Milpitas, California 95035, USA
Phone: +1 408 457 9777
Fax: +1 408 457 9778

European Headquarters
ABBYY Europe GmbH
Elsenheimerstrasse 49
80687 Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 89 69 33 33 0
Fax: +49 89 69 33 33 300

Eastern European Headquarters
ABBYY Ukraine
Moscovsky av. 13-B
04073 Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone: +380 44 490 9999
Fax: +380 44 490 9461

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