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ABBYY Lingvo for Language Learners

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary software for learning language

Learning languages is easy!

ABBYY Lingvo is not only a dictionary but also an ideal assistant for language learners. It will help you to memorise new words, improve your pronunciation, read and translate books and documents in foreign languages and improve your grammar.

Lingvo Tutor – flashcard application for memorising words

Lingvo Tutor, a vocabulary training tool included in ABBYY Lingvo, is designed to help learners of foreign languages to master one of the most challenging tasks in the process – memorising words. It is known that memorising vocabulary is the basis for learning any foreign language. It is also proven that using flash cards is one of the most effective methods for this.

Lingvo Tutor contains sets of sample flash cards combined in word lists on various topics. The application helps you memorise foreign words and expand vocabulary and supports you in creating your own cards without much effort. At the same time, with Lingvo Tutor and its interactive lessons, the process itself is much more interesting and thereby more efficient. With Lingvo Tutor, you can memorise new words quickly and easily and enjoy the task!

With Lingvo Tutor you can:

  1. memorise words through various types of exercises
  2. set up your personal schedule of lessons
  3. follow your progress by viewing statistics on words in the word lists
  4. create your own cards using Lingvo dictionaries or any other sources
  5. create you own training dictionaries of words and phrases

ABBYY Lingvo supports you in learning and revising grammar

Viewing grammatical forms of words

Forgot grammatical forms of an irregular verb? Not sure about forms of tenses? Just key in a word you want to check in any of its forms and press CTRL+W. ABBYY Lingvo will show you a list of all possible forms of the word you are looking for.

Improvement in pronunciation with the help of ABBYY Lingvo

Depending on the version you have purchased ABBYY Lingvo offers you 15,000 most common English, 10,000 German, 5,000 French, 10,000 Spanish, 20,000 Russian and 10,000 Ukrainian words read by native speakers. It also includes audio phrasebooks for some language combinations:

  • English-German
  • German-English
  • Russian-English
  • Russian-German
  • Russian-French
  • Russian-Spanish
  • Russian-Italian
  • Russian-Chinese

Listen to the audio recordings and improve your pronunciation! In contrast to artificially generated sound, natural speech can help you get as close in pronunciation as a native speaker. In addition, ABBYY Lingvo entries provide pronunciation keys as well as indication of accented vowels where needed.