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ABBYY Lingvo for Successful Career

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary software for Career

Professional growth with ABBYY Lingvo!

The ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary Software is oriented to people constantly expanding their professional skills and looking for career success. With the help of ABBYY Lingvo you can increase efficiency in negotiating and conducting business correspondence with foreign partners and customers. You will be able to get more valuable information from various foreign sources such as websites, periodicals and business documents. And finally, this dictionary will help you to communicate your points even better during business trips abroad.

Oxford dictionaries

Specialized dictionaries

ABBYY Lingvo includes also specialty dictionaries for various industries like Banking, Medical, Legal and more. ABBYY Lingvo will help you to easily translate words and terms even if they are from unfamiliar fields of knowledge.

Detailed translation with word-use examples

ABBYY Lingvo entries contain detailed information on words and phrases including:

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary software  - translation of words

  • Possible meanings and translations
  • Example sentences for words and word combinations carefully selected from real life sources such as books, newspapers and periodicals
  • Synonyms, antonyms and other useful information

Using this information, you will be able to easily find the exact and the most appropriate translation for any foreign word and at the same time – to enrich your vocabulary and knowledge about the language. Lingvo entries can be also viewed in collapsed mode in case if you need the most common meanings and translations of words only.

Instant translation while reading the text

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary software - Instant translation

When reading documents and e-mails on the screen or browsing the Web you can get translation of an unfamiliar word immediately without changing the application you are currently using and interrupting your work.

Just place the cursor over the word you want to translate and get its translation in a pop-up window, which contains general information about the word and a link to the corresponding Lingvo entry.

Vocabulary training with ABBYY Lingvo

Lingvo Tutor, a tool for memorising words, grammatical information, audio pronunciations of words and phrases will support you constantly improving your language skills.

Quick access to multiple information sources

If you need to specify the meaning or use of a certain word and find more examples, you can also access external information sources such as Wikipedia or Web search engines directly from ABBYY Lingvo interface.  

Professional translation services round-the-clock

If you need a top quality translation of a text performed by professional translators, you can send a request for this service directly from within the ABBYY Lingvo application.