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ABBYY Lingvo for Business

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary software for Business

Better understand your foreign partners with ABBYY Lingvo!

Building or maintaining partnership networks with companies abroad? ABBYY Lingvo will help you with your business correspondence and negotiations, as well as in reading foreign media and books and finding necessary information on the Internet.

Professional growth with ABBYY Lingvo!

The ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary Software is oriented to people constantly expanding their professional skills and looking for career success. With the help of ABBYY Lingvo you can increase efficiency in negotiating and conducting business correspondence with foreign partners and customers. You will be able to get more valuable information from various foreign sources such as websites, periodicals and business documents. And finally, this dictionary will help you to communicate your points even better during business trips abroad.

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Specialized dictionaries

ABBYY Lingvo includes also specialty dictionaries and thesaurus for various industries like Banking, Medical, Legal and more. ABBYY Lingvo will help you to easily translate words and terms even if they are from unfamiliar fields of knowledge.

Get help from professional translators

If you need your text translated by a qualified professional translator, you can easily submit it to our professional translation agency ABBYY Language Services directly from within ABBYY Lingvo.

Corporate reference books

ABBYY Lingvo is more than just a dictionary! ABBYY Lingvo comes together with a DSL Compiler application, which allows you to put all sorts of electronic reference books on the ABBYY Lingvo bookshelves and use them alongside the ABBYY dictionaries without changing the application. For example, you can create a corporate phone book so that your employees can easily find the contact information they need — telephones, job titles, immediate supervisors or subordinates, birthday dates, photos etc..

Flexible corporate licensing options

You can select the licensing option that best suits the needs of your company based either on the total number of employees using ABBYY Lingvo simultaneously (Concurrent Licence) or on the total number of computers on which the application is installed (Per Seat Licence). For more information, please contact your local ABBYY office.