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ABBYY Lingvo for Travellers

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary software for TravelingCircle the Globe with ABBYY Lingvo!

When going on a trip to another country be sure to take a mobile version of ABBYY Lingvo with you, so that you can look up an unfamiliar word or phrase at any time and any place. ABBYY Lingvo for mobile devices will help you feel at ease and confident when traveling abroad and communicating in a foreign language!


Photo translation - the easiest way to translate words with the iPhone

You can get a translation of unknown words just by taking a photo of a printed text or uploading an image from the photo album. The most frequently used translations of the word in the captured text are previewed in short pop-up entries on the iPhone screen – so that you can quickly grasp the whole meaning of the text. If necessary, short entries can be transformed into the full entry versions to provide more information and translation alternatives.


Encyclopedic dictionaries

You can equip yourself with knowledge about the culture and people of a destination country by browsing through the Americana, Great Britain, or Austria dictionaries that contain a wealth of country information and trivia which usually don’t find their way into traditional bilingual dictionaries.