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ABBYY Lingvo for professional translators

Translate with ABBYY Lingvo!

ABBYY Lingvo contains dictionaries and thesaurus licensed from well-known international publishers including Oxford University Press, Collins Publishers, RUSSO, and Russkij Yazyk.

Some of the Russian-English dictionaries, such as Lingvo Universal (En-Ru), have been developed by ABBYY’s in-house lexicographers. ABBYY Lingvo includes a revised and updated edition of this comprehensive dictionary, which now contains words and phrases that have come into general use in the past two years.

Specialised dictionaries

ABBYY Lingvo includes also specialty dictionaries for various industries like Banking, Medical, Legal and more. ABBYY Lingvo will help you to easily translate words and terms even if they are from unfamiliar fields of knowledge.

Detailed entries with word-use examples

ABBYY Lingvo offers detailed entries which include:

  • All its meanings and translations of words
  • Example sentences for words and word combinations taken from books, newspapers and other periodicals
  • Synonyms, antonyms and other useful information

Quick back-translations to verify your word choice

When translating into a foreign language, you may need to choose from among several words listed in the entry as possible translations. One way to make your choice more informed is to look up each variant in a foreign-native dictionary. This can be easily done by double-clicking on a translation variant inside a dictionary entry.

Full-text search

Full-text searches take only seconds to complete and find all the occurrences of the search term — which can be a word or a phrase — in the entire text of all the dictionaries, i.e. in the translations, examples, comments, definitions, etc. Additionally, ABBYY Lingvo will find the search term in the dictionaries of the reverse translation direction, so that you will also be presented with the entries where it is used as a translation equivalent.

Quickly look up unfamiliar terms in Wikipedia

In ABBYY Lingvo, you can quickly look up any unfamiliar term in Wikipedia, without leaving the dictionary.

Finding contexts on the Internet

If you need to see a word in its typical contexts, simply right-click on it and select the Search the Web command available inside all dictionary entries. ABBYY Lingvo uses Yandex to search for Russian words and Google to find words in all other languages.